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blues du jour


one ought, every day at least, to compose a fine piece of 'blues' ~jonnie purple

110708 “ta-ri”

guest players Posted on 2011-07-12 23:30:38

my friend rita is a great sax player and i wrote this with her hungarian heart in mind. the intro flirts with bernsteins ‘america’ since ritas man tobie studies in new york.
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rita and tobie at the ‘sonnendeck’.

110707 “Lucerne”

guest players Posted on 2011-07-12 23:28:54

this day i took a trainride to the nearby city of lucerne, by the foot of the alps. half the melody written on the train, the rest on a café in a park. but the chords got adjusted in the ‘musik hug’ piano department on a funky schimmel upright. then i went back to basel and bought me a couple of pocket knives to bring back home. the recording was made next day in ritas studio, minutes before i had to rush away to the train to berlin, just one run through and bam. thanks rita, a pro you are.

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ritas studio is actually a carpenter’s workshop. very snug place.

110706 “swiss made (to the Max)”

guest players Posted on 2011-07-12 23:20:59

katrin and veit got a little son, a charming rascal that this melody (with a certain sweetness to it) is dedicated to. helping out on trumpet is feya faku, a warm hearted music sorcerer of the best kind from south africa. we made the recording swiftly and illicitly at the birds eye jazz club just before opening.

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maximilian, veit, feya and katrin. sweet people.

110704 “river bobbing”

guest players Posted on 2011-07-12 23:08:20

through the bicycle friendly city of Basel runs the river Rhine, these days so clean that people swim in it. or drift rather since the current only allows for moving in one direction. people take their specially made water proof bags, walk up streams, put their belongings in the bag, seal it and make sure it contains enough air for proper buoyancy, then bobbing their way through the picturesque city center. before the last bridge you must re-enter shore, walk up for another round or enjoy a drink in the riviera-like afternoon sun at one of the buffetes. highly recommended. or you could do what i did, visit ritas studio and play some music:

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minutes before the splash


guest players Posted on 2011-06-16 18:59:47

you have to check out a nice guest appearance by johan borgström:

black birdie


thank´s man!

check what´s he´s up to back home in göteborg

here´s another clip with the cool mr b, he sings great too!

110605 “Bosporus”

guest players Posted on 2011-06-05 14:29:06

not been there, haven´t done that. the whole area in general and istanbul in particular just appears to be one of these exotically evocative places on the planet.

thanks for excellent playing on the soprano johan. you are a bloody genius.

110523 “black birdie”

guest players Posted on 2011-05-24 04:01:57

in the dead of night..


a sign of a great musician is that they can turn also a rather unmusical melody into music. thank´s johan.