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one ought, every day at least, to compose a fine piece of 'blues' ~jonnie purple

new year

about Posted on 2012-01-02 23:56:18

new year, new music. might be time to expand on the blues concept a little.

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about Posted on 2011-06-29 20:36:27

i´ve always composed or come up with melodies and riffs when i sit down improvising by the piano but they usually melt into air before i nail them down on paper or any other medium, so sometime during the spring i got this idea for a blog with not so much words on it, just music in various forms. a blog as a means of a creative outlet, or as an instigator to solidify all those ideas.

the concept of a daily ‘blues’ theme dates back quite a few years from when i went to high school, and i kept on doing it for short periods of time every ones in a while, sometimes penning down the stuff and then forgetting about it.

apart from me being a big fan of blues music (it´s the backbone of all good (musical) things (coming out of the USA) the blues form lends itself very well to short concentrated pieces of compositions, with a clear structure that you can both rely on and deviate from. and i’ve always loved the concept and look of ‘the real book’ where you only have the core information about a piece of music, which leaves the interpretation to the players. so with that in mind i try to scribble down (and/or record) only the essential elements. the recordings are in general done very quickly and are quite crude, as a mere documentation. they are not intended as production demos.

the material in this blog is of my own origin except where indicated. however, inspiration to the songs come from from a wide array of sources over the years. it´s highly possible, if not inevitable, that there is a resemblance to existing music. nothing new under the sun. then again, this very constellation of humans only exists now. now´s the time.

if there´s anything in here you want to use or experiment with in any context feel free to do so, but please drop me a line and share it:

magnus at smallfunk dot com

be creative, keep the flow going, support your favourite art.